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Me and my group members (Michael and Richard) have created a garden sprinkler made out of garden hoses, T connectors, and recycles plastic water bottles. We have strongly believed that our prototype was a success mainly because we have solved two major problems that is currently occurring throughout the world. When we first arrived at the farm, we have noticed that they are lacking the amount of farmers and workers that are currently employed in the farm. They also have tubs of plastic bottles that have not been used, and also will be wasted if thrown away, and will also be harmful to our environment. We then thought of a solution for the plastic bottles, and came up with an idea that if we make a garden sprinkler made out of garden sprinklers that is hung on the roof for watering plants and crops, we can benefit this farm by making this garden sprinkler, which will reduce human labor greatly because it requires less workers to work and do their job. It will also reduce the amount of plastic bottles being wasted and being thrown away. One of the biggest challenges that we have faced so far was when we were working on our 2nd prototype. This was mainly because we were editing and revising the main part of our prototype, which was changing the garden tubes and upgrading the plastic bottles. I feel like the main L21 growth area that was focused in this project is creativity and innovation because we came up with new ideas that can impact our local community.

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