Media Rethinking Homework by Stacy Stephens (BTSN Presentation)

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  • uploaded September 10, 2018

Rethinking Homework by Stacy Stephens ‐ Come and learn what the research says about homework and how much time outside of school students should engaged in academic work. As a community we need to consider how best to support our children academically; as well as socially and emotionally. How does homework fit into this puzzle?

Homework Ideologies - Editorialized by FPR Student Journalists
Is our concept of homework beneficial for our children? Ms. Stephens covers a way that our society should adapt to a more modern concept of quality over quantity. Personally, my homework assignments generally follow this concept of quality over quantity as I only have about an hour and a half of homework every day. She talks about having our parents drop the initial ideas about having their kid become more competitive in academics with more homework. Instead, she believes that just letting your kid get a lot of sleep, read more often, pursue their interests and do ASAs (after school activities) should give your child the satisfaction of being a “whole child”.
-Daniel Murray and Larry Kong (reporting for FPR)

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